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LIST Testimonial from the Livingston’s

Welcome to Birmingham from the great city of Boston!

Jody and Zoe Livingston moved from Boston, MA, to Birmingham, AL, with the help of Melvin and our LIST team. They began searching for homes online and stumbled across one of our listings, and got in contact with Melvin to get a better look at the house. Because they were in Boston during their home search process, Melvin would go to home showings for them and take pictures and videos to send to Jody and Zoe so they could decide what home they liked best. After searching for a while, they finally found their DREAM home!
Shortly after closing on their new home, they came down from Boston, MA, to settle into their new place. They loved their experience with LIST and Melvin.
Jody says that Melvin and LIST know the players and the market, getting things done for you! They highly recommend using LIST to help you buy a home.

“He knew the players, the game, and the market. Choose Melvin!” – Jody Livingston

Well, there you have it, another happy ending for a satisfied LIST Birmingham client. So happy you found your dream home in Birmingham, AL. 

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