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LIST Testimony from Tim Lantz


Meet Tim Lantz

“LIST made my home look better than it really was.”

Location of home: Crestline Gardens

Home sold for: $107,650

Savings: $729

Tim Lantz, a seasoned real estate investor, is no stranger to the ins and outs of buying and selling homes. As an experienced entrepreneur trying to sell one particular home in Crestline Gardens, he didn’t need handholding or fluff; he only needed a proven veteran who also understands real estate and knows how to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

To sell this property, Tim chose LIST Birmingham. Says Tim, “It matters to me that they had real estate investment experience. I wanted to work with other investors who understood what I was about.” LIST Birmingham took the property off his hands and handled everything – from showings and negotiations to the closing itself – and managed to place the home under contract in one day.

“I needed to sell for as much as possible and retain as much value as possible,” says Tim. “I thought the photos were great. The presentation was great. LIST made my home look better than it really was.”

Tim also likes the fact that LIST Birmingham was able to bring tough negotiation skills to the table without being emotionally invested in the outcome, something any real estate investor can appreciate.

Adds Tim, “Going forward, I have a portfolio of homes to sell and I will be using LIST Birmingham.”

Let LIST Birmingham help you sell your home, providing you exceptional services and savings on commission! Contact us today

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