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LIST Testimonial from Emily & Edmund Ball

Emily and Edmund Ball found out on the last day of school that they had to move to North Carolina by August. They had less than three months to sell their house and move with their three young children.

ball picEmily has coordinated seven moves in seven years for their family and is nothing short of an expert on real estate and moving. Edmund is a commercial real estate broker. Emily says, “He understands the value of a great agent and respects people who understand the industry.”

Without a second thought, they called Brent Griffis to be their agent. They knew Brent through church at All Saints and liked LIST’s new flat-fee business model.  Emily says, “Brent is in the know on who is selling and who is looking; especially in Homewood. His signs are everywhere.”

Since they used LIST instead of a company that charges 6% they were able to aggressively price their home and sell quickly. It was sold in less than 24 hours. Emily says, “It was a huge feeling of relief and worth its weight in gold not to have to show the house with 3 kids in it while planning an out of state move.” LIST gave them that ability thanks to the full-service flat fee business model. And Emily adds, “Brent was with us every step of the way.”

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