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LIST Testimony from Guy and Jennifer Dewes


Meet Guy and Jennifer Dewes

 “We had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend LIST to anyone!”

Location of home: Mountain Brook

Home sold for: $500,000

Savings: $12,500

Twin brother and sister Guy and Jennifer Dewes were faced with the saddening prospect of selling their mother’s home after she passed away. Believing that they could easily sell their home themselves, due to the home’s ideal qualities and high visibility, they initiated a For Sale By Owner process.

Unfortunately, the home stayed unsold on the market for ten months. Not only were Guy and Jennifer unable to find a buyer for their mother’s home; they also endured a significant amount of stress throughout the process. According to Jennifer, “It was really hard having to rush home to show the house at all hours with limited notice.”

At the end of the ten months, Guy and Jennifer chose to abandon the FSBO process and instead enlist the help of LIST Birmingham.

LIST Birmingham handled every step of the selling process, from shooting pictures and videos and listing the home on MLS to scheduling showings and representing them every step of the way. The Dewes were relieved to have experienced agents facilitating the process, keeping them at arm’s length from the buyers. According to Jennifer, “LIST was very down-to-earth, with no hidden agenda. It was a very welcomed experience.”

The Dewes had to do less than they ever imagined to sell their home with LIST Birmingham! According to Guy, “We gained more in the sale than we paid for the service.” The Dewes received reports each month, felt well-informed every step of the way, and were able to sell the home objectively – and faster than expected.

Says Jennifer, “We all have emotional attachments to homes, and we especially had an emotional attachment to this home. I don’t believe we could look at it objectively. LIST Birmingham helped us to look at the house very objectively.”

Let LIST Birmingham help you sell your home, providing you exceptional services and savings on commission! Contact us today

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