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5 Tips for the First Time Home Buyer



Melvin Upchurch, Co-owner and Broker for LIST Birmingham gives us his 5 tips for the home buyer.

1. Find an experienced successful realtor

In this market, you will find yourself in many multiple offer deals. The agents that win these bidding wars are the ones not only with experience but success in getting deals closed. 

2. Get pre-qualified with a local lender

In multiple offer situations the seller will give an edge to the buyers that have a local lender. Really good listings have a list of the top lenders in town that they know will close. Successful agents will lead you to the right lender. 

3. Move fast to see properties

This means knowing exactly what you want from a house (beds, baths, updates, location, yard size, flat lt, garage, etc.) and having a search set with a realtor. Real estate agents can make sure you get the earliest notification on new listings. If you are out of town, experienced agents will tour the home for you so you can even make a decision when you are on vacation. 

4. Be prepared to make a fast decision

The truth is, buying a home is usually the single biggest financial decision of your life & I am telling you to move quickly? Honestly, you need all the help you can get to guide you to make sure you do not overpay or step on a landmine. The safest course is to go back to #1 – have a really successful real estate agent. 

5. Be willing to be flexible

Winning offers make it easy for the seller to select you. Often, the winning offer focuses on the precise needs of the seller. The highest offer does not always win. Successful agents find out exactly what the seller wants before they wrote the offer. 

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