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5 Tips for the Home Seller


Melvin Upchurch, Co-owner and Broker for LIST Birmingham gives us his 5 tips for the home seller.

Tip 1: Curb Appeal

You really only get one chance for a first impression. Everything the potential buyer sees from the moment they park the car until they come through the front door should look awesome!

This does not mean only the lawn, landscaping, mulch, pine straw, etc. It also means the front door, railing, porch, etc.

Tip 2: Professional Photos

The real first impression is on the internet. Low quality photos tells the online shopper you may have a low quality home. LIST Birmingham hires the top house photographer in the market to take photos (after you implement the tips from our professional stager).

Tip 3: Pricing

Houses priced right will sell for the most money and faster. Overpriced homes, even in seller’s market, will ultimately sell for less money than if the seller had priced the house appropriately from the start. 

Tip 4: Staging

We include in this category: de-clutter, de-personalization, and furniture flow. LIST Birmingham provides a free staging consultation from a professional stager as part of our services. 

Tip 5: LISTing Agent

The NUMBER ONE most important decision is who you hire as an agent. Hire an agent that sells lots of houses! The right agent will see that all of the above items are handled properly.

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